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O2 Technology is one of the most popular Digital selling agencies trying to make the most limitless potentialities that digital marketing can offer. We have established our whole worth on the idea of our immaculate results, tangible ROI, skilled approach to issues and tailor created solutions for any shopper. We possess a firm grip in advertising and selling in digital area. O2 Technology is the leading Google Analytics and Facebook selling partner for managing giant scale search selling campaigns, on-line advertising campaigns and social media campaigns.

O2 Technology is the premium name in business when it comes to consider digital selling, inventive and engagement media. Our service includes program selling, on-line advertising, social media selling, content selling, email selling, app development and wealthy media inventive solutions, SEO services, social media improvement, Google AdWords management and to not forget ecommerce resolution. “We attempt to form the invocation possible in digital space”

O2 technology cuts your advertising operational price by thirty third similarly as increase ad clicks by even as a lot of within the united ad budget by ad improvement and delivering your ad to best network for each single impression. We offer dedicated account managers and ad operation specialists to giant scale advertisers to run and manage their advertising campaign and outlay. Our advertising inventory includes full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting, ad network improvement, wealthy media ad formats and ad delivery & placement technology.

We tend to forever look to avoid wasting an outsized chunk of ad budget and thrive to realize high ad placement and better CTR. we've cemented our place in digital advertising and program selling business by earning the tag of a trustworthy digital agency providing result-driven advertising and digital selling resolution. We tend to also are actively serving international business with our wide market presence in Republic of India.

We relate our business presence because the rare vinos, erosion into a lot of and a lot of valuable organization with attenuation time likewise your rare bottle. Red color defines US the most effective as our operating methodology and enthusiasm relates to hot red in terms of aggressiveness, extrovert, energy, passion and liveliness to empower our purchasers with similar competitive edge up their on-line business.

O2 Technology homes some extremely revered brains of advertising, selling and SEO business similarly as adding up contemporary skills from peer colleges and collages providing them a base to hone their skills and be a part of the business with right data. Our collective expertise and R&D provides US a competitive edge and bolster US to supply the foremost effective and innovative digital selling services to our purchasers. We tend to relate each shopper as central and pour our full team effort to each project to create it a brilliant success and revenue generating on-line business to write down our own success story.

We might have already solved the selling downside you're facing as of our past & current comes hails from the majority revenue creating industries similarly as NGOs & social causes! We equally serve start-up, entrepreneurs and smaller firms serving to them to seek out their massive dream and bit new business heights. Each project is self-addressed with team of professional technical school professionals to work out the client’s specific selling would like and serve with highest performance level.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is among the foremost popular on-line promoting tool for business house owners to flow into their industrial ads and promotional offers through email. The direct interaction together with your client and sharing data, company news and promotional materials makes it a sound on-line promoting choice. Email promoting is for you if you want to retain your existing customers and brought them back to your web site if you're launching a brand new product, giving seasonal discount, merry provide or cut-rate sale. It’s conjointly the simplest medium for brand spanking, new client acquisition and building a large client base. O2 Technology offers email marketing services to amass new customers with solely valid email information. we tend to gather and buy our email information from numerous prime promoting corporations and operational businesses from numerous sectors and alternative promoting modules. We tend to refine our email information monthly through numerous user interaction promoting tools to make sure validity and responsiveness of our email information

SEO services

We faucet the search engines utmost traffic to your web site by sourcing immeasurable net users seeking info, service, get product or notice websites involving your business domain. We try and contend for high keywords in spite of competition as we all know well the way to subordinate it and place your web site at Google high for relater search results. Our programmed optimization service offers quality internet traffic and filtered customers appreciated higher language. We tend to extremely back on content promoting for our appreciated SEO services to draw in guests to your website via search results that were placed along with your website info closely involving search question created by users. Our SEO team works for your business 24×7 and one year creating your business stronger. We tend to create your website user friendly and error free as per Google Webmasters pointers to be pet by users likewise as search engines. Internet has changed the patron trends in looking a service or getting a product likewise as promoting behavior. It’s very essential for you to stay in prime search results or searched organizations in your business class to retain competitive approach your business domain and reap augmenting revenue. O2 Technology ensures quality SEO services for future program ranking and profit, keeping you freed from Google updates punishment.

Google advertising

Google advertising resolution at O2 Technology highlights prime ad position on extremely competitive keywords, pay less than the bidding rate of keywords, conversion optimized ad campaigns to save lots of budget and maximize ad clicks & ROI. We tend to measure the popular alternative by ecommerce, mid-small businesses additionally as startups. We’ve got tried success documentation of serving travel portals, retail majors, universities, academic establishments, immigration consultants, telecom, IT, newspapers/magazines subscription and additional to count. We have a tendency to area unit dedicated to form ads having fast viewer attention and prolonged imprints on viewers mind. We have a tendency to create each product launch of our purchasers a hit story. We have a tendency to maneuver most visibility for your ad campaigns to uncountable audience defrayal their time on-line sorting out news, data, products, services, diversion, dating, wedding and additional.

Social Media

Social media selling answer at O2 Technology empowers international business to shine at the social media platforms absorbing targeted audience, maximize stigmatization and better engagement that conveys the complete message right to their audience and accomplish the selling goal. We accelerate your social media selling activities by delivering your complete and selling message as posts, images, video, links, shows, articles, news, short stories, questions, podcasts, etc. to your prospects. Your prospects become awake to your complete building trust to create purchase call in your favor or solve your selling goal. Social media promoting has emerged because the instant and also the most reliable traffic supply to your web site. With innumerable customers outlay their quality time on these social media sites makes it an indispensable on-line promoting platform for each whole and business. Social media sites have entirely modified the cash game of disapproval, client acquisition, and sales. Currently anyone will build their whole, acquire new customers and drive huge sales while not outlay several cash on advertising and promoting. It’s the most effective promoting ground for tiny businesses & start-ups. Innumerable users and their average time spent create it equally useful for mid-size organizations to huge company homes. Social media is that the best channel to move along with your client directly and share sentiments, news, new product launches, seasonal discount offers, merry offers, cut-rate sale, discount coupons, helpful info, company news and different promotional activities. Solutions:

Bulk SMS Service

Whenever we are in a dilemma to find out about what are the vital constraints of any business which directly can target its growth and marketing statics, “Bulk SMS” has proved its role at a vital point where nothing can replace its own advantages. We have encounter the terribly intensive yet delicate stuff of internet services that's “Bulk SMS Service” that is truly a challenge however price taking. The crucial a part of this service that makes it difficult is response of services is strictly time orientating. After we refer most of the majority SMS services within the market, it’s truly laborious for those services to satisfy the shopper expectations. Our analysis team works on those crucial points so as to induce bets out of all of our services. Bulk SMS service is well-tried to be most outstanding business tools. Bulk SMS is a lot of immediate than the other medium, and most of the time, temporal arrangement becomes crucial a part of business services. We have a tendency to perceive the user needs so we have a tendency to specialize in distinctive rule for quicker delivery of Messages, Unlimited Sender ID, Unlimited Validity, and API to Integrate in Your computer code. Live Delivery Report, Dynamic electronic messaging, Bulk surpass transfer, Fault tolerant Systems and lots of a lot of strong techniques create our services to be among the simplest Bulk SMS services ever. So, here we have one amongst the foremost important and possibly the simplest bulk SMS services, that you need to provides a strive. We have a tendency to assure you that we've handled all the main problems anyone might get whereas victimization “Bulk SMS Service”.

Web designing

We perceive that you have to be compelled to build your business additional and additional influential by digital and on-line promotions. Any business is root to its success so we have a tendency to square measure aimed to return up with most inventive emblem styles for your business. Power and imagination of our designers lead to one amongst the foremost eye catchy and enticing logos ever. Being your impression a significant a part of your image and market values, we assist you to create your very best step within the promotional domain of your business with our graphic planning services.

CRM System

CRM might be a game-changing tool which will facilitate businesses scale faster and work smarter. Typical CRM software package System will change company to trace and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. The software permits your workers to store knowledge concerning shoppers and client interactions that then is accessed by workers in many departments within the Company. To confirm that company offers the foremost effective shopper service experience come-at-able the utilization of client relationship management (CRM) software package should to be thought-about. Thus, CRM software package permits gaining a profound insight into the performance of your business, managing and analyzing your patronage, customizing promoting and sales campaigns, mistreatment machine-driven news and prognostication revenues. Consequently, you'll be able to with success set your strategy, promoting and overall operations to the stress of your customers and also the marketplace you use in. once we have a tendency to assist you satisfying your customers, it results into repeat purchases, complete loyalty and positive words of mouth.



Web development

We style and designed contemporary, dynamic websites for organizations of all sizes. Combining years of expertise with the terribly latest technologies we are able to make sure that our on-line business strategy is extremely effective and tightly integrates together with your day to day processes. Nowadays, an honest web site is taken into account to be the reflection of your work potency. Its nice platforms to indicate case your skills in such a way that it directly hits the mind and heart of the visitant. an honest style of your web site will do a miracle to your business which is what we wish. Thus allow us to assist you with the most effective persuasion of your imagination within the variety of your web site.


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